Secrets to Dog Training Review

By Laurie G
Girl and Lab in Park
Like many dog owners, there are probably times when you wish your dog was better behaved. In fact, you may be wishing that most of the time!

There are many systems that claim to be able to help you train your dog. Daniel Stevens’ Secrets to Dog Training is probably the best known of all of the dog training systems that you can get online. But is it what you need? Does it work for real owners and their dogs? I’m going to take a look at the issues and see whether this can help you resolve them.

What’s in Secrets to Dog Training?

When you download the system you’ll get:

  • The 260-page downloadable manual setting out Daniel Stevens’ system for training your dog
  • A 30 minute ‘quick start’ video introducing you to the system
  • Access to a private members’ forum where you can ask questions about your own dog, chat with other members and consult with the Secrets to Dog Training team.

Being able to ask questions is very beneficial and not something that you would get if you just bought a book or ebook on how to train your dog. All dogs are different and our lives are different. It’s important to be able to get feedback on your dog’s individual behaviour patterns and circumstances.

What other dog owners said

When you visit the site you’ll see a lot of feedback from past customers. For example,

“In the months since we got and read the books [Jack] has become a different dog! … We have taken him from the most difficult, messed up dog, almost deliberately awful to a great member of our family.” – Cara McLean

“What I like about your book is that you give insights into what the dog is thinking, why they behave the way they do, and tips on what to do to correct the problem.” – Carla J. Johnson

“I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals.” – Lyn Spain

Of course, they show the best ones there but this is a tried and tested system that’s been very popular online for a number of years now.

I like the fact that there is a private members’ forum where you can sort out any issues that you may have with your own dog. After-sales support is one of the most important points with any purchase, especially when you’re buying online.

Why not go to dog obedience classes?

Dog obedience classes can be helpful but there’s a danger that both you and the dog will think of training as being something that only happens in a certain place at a certain time. It’s easier to avoid that if you use a system that stresses training in everyday life with your dog.

One of Daniel Stevens’ strongest points is that we are training our dogs all of the time, whether we intend to or not. It’s vital to recognise that if you want your dog to adjust his or her behaviour.

You may have heard this before…

Secrets to Dog Training has a lot of specific advice like this. Some of it, you will probably have heard before. But other points could bring about an ‘aha’ moment that could make a big difference to the way you and your dog relate.

For example, there’s information on toilet training your dog. Maybe that’s not something your dog has a problem with. I think it’s still worth reading that section because you can pick up little snippets as well as getting a good overview of the attitude that Daniel suggests you take with your dog.

With a system like this, it’s important not to write it off just because you see some familiar ideas. The point is that it’s not enough to know what you should be doing with your dog. You need something that actually makes you do it!

If that’s your situation, Secrets to Dog Training could work very well for you.

Don’t expect your dog to change overnight

It’s important to keep this in mind when you start on Daniel Stevens’ system: it’s not going to work instantly. After all, if your dog was that easy to train, you wouldn’t have a problem.

It won’t work if you get frustrated or impatient and start trying to cut corners or apply some other system that you’ve found. The number one rule in dog training is to be consistent. You need to keep doing the same thing over and over … and over!

If you’re prepared to do that, then the benefits for both you and your dog could be huge. One of the best things that you’ll hear from people who have successfully trained their dog is how much happier the dog is. When they know what you want them to do, they just feel so much more secure.

Where to buy Secrets to Dog Training

If you want access to the members’ forum you must get Secrets to Dog Training from the official Kingdom of Pets website. This is the only way you can ask questions of Daniel Stevens, his staff and other dog owners who’ve had success with the system.

You’re going to need to be able to ask questions. There might be something you don’t understand, something that doesn’t seem to be working or perhaps your dog or your own situation is special in some way. So make sure you get that, it’s an important benefit.

The bottom line

All the evidence suggests that Secrets to Dog Training is a solid dog training system that works. With the added benefit of the forum, you should have a good chance of adjusting the behavior of even the most difficult dog if you apply the system consistently. The price is reasonable and you get instant access so you can start using it right away.

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7 Tips for House Training A Dog

House training a dog should be easy if the dog is healthy and you are consistent. Whether it be a new puppy or an adult dog that needs some reminding, the method is the same. With this research I will give 7 tips on how to housetrain your dog no matter what the age of the dog is. The point is just to teach them the correct place for them to take care of their business of going to the potty.
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Tips To Potty Train A Puppy Fast

A new puppy is a great addition to almost any family and can grow up into a devoted pet and companion. That’s why it’s important that a puppy is toilet trained effectively so that he’ll be a source of joy rather than a problem that often has to be cleaned up after. If you would like to be successful as you potty train a puppy, it’s critical that you start his training when you bring him home. There are lots of step-by-step methods that could be used to potty train a puppy fast but the easiest will probably be to teach him to take care of his business outside.

The very first thing you need to do, ideally before bringing the puppy home, is decide exactly where his selected bathroom area should be. The yard, a balcony, or puppy training pad in your bathroom are all effective places provided that he can access them on his own. That will stop the pup from going in the wrong spot simply because somebody wasn’t around to open the door for him.
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How To Teach A Dog To Fetch

Part of the fun of owning a dog is to play with them and part of that fun is the game of fetch. However, dogs aren’t born knowing the rules so you’ll need to know how to teach a dog to fetch if you want them to give the stick right back to you instead of running off somewhere and tearing it to pieces!

Teaching your dog to play fetch with a stick in the park is far too stimulating for the dog. You can do this after they learn to fetch and take them to the park when they are able to focus on the game and on you, but not right away.
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Train Dog To Come When Called

Teaching your own dog to come once it’s called is usually a crucial, in addition to probably life saving, part of successful pet training. You’ll need to keep your dog under control in public places and that means that the dog must learn to respond immediately to your words.

The quicker you can train dog to come when called the better. For starters, having the dog come to you when you call will help you regain control of the pet in case of collar break, snapped leash or other related equipment failure.  That is particularly important as soon as you are out with your pet, especially in an area with lots of traffic.  It can be vital that he will respond to your voice and return to your side, even in the absence of collar and leash, and even if there are lots of other things competing for his attention.
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Puppy Training-Biting And How To Stop It

The young puppy that is used to you may nip during play, but it is pretty easy to train a young puppy not to bite. Firmly saying “No!” or “Ouch!” each time a puppy bites and refraining from play for awhile is the first step in helping to stop him.

Mother dogs teach their pups not to bite hard at an early age. Mother dogs first bark and growl at the pup that is biting, then she will ignore him for a short time. The pup that still bites after his mother has ‘fussed’ at him and ignored him will be punished by scruff shaking. Scruff shaking the act of a mother dog taking her pup by the scruff of the neck and gently shaking him.
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Dove Cresswell Review

How do you pick the best dog obedience training video? I have checked out several dog training video programs, and my favorite is Dove Cresswell’s Dog and Puppy Training Online.

Dove is well known as a dog trainer to the stars. You know that Dove is excellent at getting dogs to perform tricks, or the movies and television shows wouldn’t be asking her to train the dogs on their productions. If she can get dogs in the movies to do those incredible stunts, you know she can teach you how to obedience train your dog.

The video training in Dove’s program is broken in to 7 easy to follow video modules-Dove’s training is all through down-loadable videos from your computer, and there is no book accompanying her program. I think the video training works best for those of us who learn better from watching and listening rather than just from reading. The order of training sensibly starts with house training new puppies. After potty training, the next lesson will cover teaching your young puppy his first obedience exercises. By learning the right way to get started early with training your puppy, you will develop an important bond between the two of you-which helps your puppy be able to grow into the great pet that you always wanted.

Dove’s video module follow the natural sequence that puppies grow through on their way to maturity, and teaches the exercises in an the appropriate order when your dog becomes ready for them. Dove’s technique uses only positive training techniques – no need for yelling at or hitting your dog. You will see that by using the cheerful and upbeat style that Dove teaches,the training becomes a lot fun for both you and your dog. Making the training sessions fun for you and your dog will produce the fastest and easiest results training your dog. When you reach the end of Dove’s program, your dog will already know how to do even advanced tricks.

Watching and listening to Dove teaches you the exact right vocal tones to use and the correct attitude and body language you need to have in order to best communicate with your dog on a level that he can understand. Dove teaches you enough about dog psychology to let you use this for better understanding your dog’s point of view. By learning this information, you will be enabled to become a better trainer for your dog, and eliminate dog training mistakes that only delay getting the results you want.

Just like people, some dogs will learn to do something differently than others.Therefore, Dove teaches you a few different techniques for various training exercise steps-just in case your dog is not responsive to one particular style.

Dove also offers some cool bonus material in addition to the main 7 video modules of her program. Just in case you have any questions about training your dog, Dove also offers free email consultations so she can give you expert advice on solving your pet’s particular issues.

Dove also offers several bonus eBooks that you will love to use for training even more tricks to your dog. The bonus eBooks include:

1. The first of the bonuses is an eBook teaching you the best way to get your dog to fetch.

2. The second bonus is an eBook on playing Soccer with your dog. My Lab has become a champion goalie.

3. Bonus #3 is an eBook about play “Hide’N’Seek” with your doggy.

4. Bonus #4 is another eBook, this one about Dog Sports, increasingly popular with dog owners everywhere.

5. The 5th bonus is a valuable eBook about earning your dog’s respect (becoming the Alpha dog)-which is very necessary in order to get better training results.

6. This bonus features a report about what dog is good for your pet. You will learn that most commercial dog foods are not very nutritious or healthy for our pets.

7. This last bonus is a fun report on the best types of toys to provide for your doggy’s enjoyment.

Dove offers you a complete 60 day guarantee in case you don’t really love her program.

I highly recommend Dove’s video training program to you-especially if you learn best by listening and watching, rather than through reading a manual. Check out Dove’s videos so you can follow her easy video training steps, and soon get your dog to be the best behaved pet he can be.

Click here to train your dog fast and easy
with Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online videos

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Beagle Training: It’s Not Easy!

Beagles make wonderful pets but to train a beagle is not necessarily the easiest to do. Just because the beagle is a very intelligent dog doesn’t mean that they are the most willing or obedient. They have their own personality and are very headstrong and set in their ways and therefore beagle training may need special patience.

They are smart enough to know what you want them to do, but then it is all together a different story on getting them to follow through and do it. However, if you have a lot of patience and a lot of persistent training then you can have you one smart and reliable dog.
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How To Teach A Dog To Stop Barking

No matter what, let us face this fact: dogs will always bark. There can be a lot of reasons for dogs to bark, from trust issues, to just being excited. Dogs can bark for both negative and positive reasons. There are also particular breeds of dogs that are more susceptible to barking than others. The focus is not on the barking, but the need for your dog to be silent when told to stop. The first step into teaching your dog to stop barking is to understand the reasoning behind the barking.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs can bark for a variety of reasons. These reasons can include sounding an alarm, playing or initiating play, warning another animal, out of fear, joining in on an exciting moment, reactive barking, and the desire to drive another animal away. At times, dogs bark just for the sake of barking.

It is important to know the reason why your dog is barking. You don’t inevitably want to stop the barking though, particularly when the barking is for the reason as an alarm alerting the owner of near danger, or an intruder. What you want is for the dog to stop barking when you ask it to, and you do not want them to bark without reason.

How to stop a dog barking

If your dog barks in reaction to certain events, such as loud noises or other animals, the best solution to this is to teach them the ‘Quiet’ command. When your dog begins to bark, just simply command them by saying ‘Quiet!” followed by a treat for obedience.

Another clever trick is a task well used by most dog owners. The trick is to ask your dog for an incompatible behavior. For example, while your dog is barking, ask your dog to do something that he or she cannot do while barking. This is a simple and rare technique to use while teaching your dog to stop barking.

Always stay consistent with your training. Remember that reward, because this is what they are looking for when they perform the correct task for you. Rewards are vital to training your dog to stop barking, or else this approach is likely to fail.

Don’t yell

Some dogs bark at almost any movement, noise, or disturbance. This may be the result of past trauma, mistreatment, or enforcement. If you yell at the dog to be quiet, it would be ineffective because it would just seem like you joining in with his barking. So he will think he is doing the right thing.

Do not reward your dog’s barking with attention. You should refrain from giving any type of attention while your dog is on a lengthy barking period. This teaches your dog that being silent will get his owner’s attention. Once he is quiet, praise your dog as soon as he stops. Over time, progressively lengthen the time between the rewards. This will teach your dog to stay silent for several hours.

Alongside the many reasons and sources of barking, there are also a variety of approaches and techniques we can take to guarantee the barking is for the correct reason, and stop the barking when there isn’t a reason at all.

Does your dog bark a lot when you’re not home?

Just like humans, dogs can get bored here and there. Typically when a dog gets bored, it barks. If you have to leave your dog in the house for long periods of time, a simple solution to this is hiring a dog walking service to walk your dog during the day while you are out. This allows it to get some fresh air, and eliminates the complaints of neighbors.

Another tip is to also sit some toys through the house, or give your dog some company by having another pet.

Covering the windows with drapes or curtains will take away the distraction from outside of the house. Doing this allows the dog to send their attention elsewhere. An alternative to this includes moving your dog some place where it won’t be able to see outside.

Be patient but don’t give up

Don’t expect to see changes in just a few hours or days. Also, when teaching your dog to stop barking, always stay pleasant and be nice. Dogs respond to positive reinforcement better when it comes from refraining from a behavior. Make sure that your family knows how to react to the dog’s barking.

If you want more information on training a dog, I recommend Secrets to Dog Training by Daniel Stevens. See my Secrets to Dog Training Review to find out more.

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